Virginia Nolan5 star

My son has been training at the gym for 18 months doing kickboxing. He absolutely loves it! Santi and all the other staff are fab! After having my fourth (and last) baby I will be starting this week as I feel very comfortable going into this gym. Highly recommend.


Emma J Tytherleigh5 star

A wonderful friendly atmosphere, the gym was full of people from all walks of life, first day in and me and my team were made to feel right at home. We worked out a our own pace with great guidance from Sara. Can’t wait to return tomorrow! Very highly recommended by myself and the team from HorseShow España 😀


Lisbeth Oxholm Snede5 star

It is a good place to get in shape, with many different types of sporting activities – and here you have a great team and a cozy atmosphere


Ruben Lucumi5 star

Gran equipo, excelente experiencia


Antoaneta Shtereva5 star

Me gusta muchicimo.los claces son fenomenal.Estoy loca por ellos


Alexis Cherrett5 star

Unbelievable place to train, enjoyed keeping fit while on my hols and is full of lovely people


Maria Carretero Ibañez5 star

Buen rollo y buen Maestro Santi. De lo mejorcico…


Donna Prescott5 star

FABULOUS …….!!!!!!:


Maria Gonzalez5 star

Muy buen ambiente y atención


Centro Especializado Almoradí5 star

Chris Curran BSc (Hons) Psychologist from CIE: The benefits of exercise in helping with stress levels, low self-esteem, decreased motivation, social problems and many other things are well documented.

Exercising WON’T magically solve all your problems overnight but it CAN put you in to a more suitable frame of mind to deal with them.

You CAN be the person who makes a change in their lives. All it takes is a little determination. I’ve been training at Quesada Fitness Gym for the past two years and in my opinion it is THE place to go if you’re serious about making a change.


Mik Harris5 star

More than just a gym, a great place to train and meet like minded people. Great atmosphere and great instructors.


David Morlesin5 star

Muy buen ambiente y perfecto para prepararse fisicamente


Christopher Ian Hathaway5 star



Santiago Lopez5 star

el mejor !!


Victoria McCallum

Just wanted to let you know that I went to my usual gym in the UK this evening, after having a 2 week holiday membership at Quesada Fitness, and I have smashed my pre-holiday weight resistance figures!
Even on ‘maximum level 12’ I was finding I could produce more! 2 weeks of consistent hard work has produced amazing results. So glad I popped in that Friday morning!


Andy Heath

I just feel i have to say…… I have trained in many gyms worldwide to be honest from the most up to date to the back streets in Russia, and i can promise you this …you will not find a more pleasant gym ran and owned by some of the most pleasant people who care and no matter if it 7 am or 7pm greet you with a smile. So if you want to Box Keep Fit do mms or just plain workout then believe me you won’t go wrong here. Roll on the new Gym.


Paul Morris  — 5 star
·A fantastic gym, approachable staff, busy classes, good equipment & very reasonably priced – what more would you want from a gym if you live here or are just on a holiday. Just make sure you finish a good workout with a white chocolate protein shake!


Cheryl Kirby — 5 star

Great facility. Friendly, welcoming atmosphere from both staff and members. There’s everything you need there to do your own workout whatever your training preference. Will definitely return on my next visit.

Going to miss this gym. Will definitely be back on my next visit. Good to know there’s somewhere equally as good to go away from home. May even join in the classes next time :). Great atmosphere and friendly staff.


Andy Heath

So its said 80% of people have more problems than I and the other 20 % don’t give a sxxt about my problems …. so you stand tall take a look in the mirror and if what you see you don’t like……then its time to change….Goodbye Quesada….Good Luck to everyone at Quesada MMA and Boxing Gym……… Vivienne you deserve all the success in the world……this is the only Gym that makes you feel like part of the family even when your sweating and in pain!! This will be the Gym on the map in Costa Blanca, dance fitness boxing MMA gymnastics health and Beauty and what i describe as the female version of the Godfather! Strong fair and a heart big enough to share with every member (of the clubs family)

A while ago V gave me some fantastic advice and i decided to take it and go make the changes i needed to, so USA (Mike) here i come, Quesada goodbye, and Vivienne and all the team THANKYOU!