Team QFG

Vivienne & Michael Harris

After suffering health problems, Vivienne came to live in Spain from her native Newcastle with a view to take early retirement.

Instead, she bought a gym!

Despite having no experience in the fitness industry, she was a natural and, along with her then partner and now husband Michael – a keen body builder – soon created a special place that was loved by staff and members alike.

A couple of years later, they decided it was time to build Quesada’s first purpose-built gym.

Vivienne says: “This is the biggest risk of my life but I am rewarded daily by wonderful staff and members. We are trying to break the mould of impersonal gyms by creating a community where there are no age, sex or nationality barriers and are delighted to say it is working. We have never had so much fun – with hard work and dedication.

Our tag is More than Just a Gym – and that is what we are determined to always be.”


Santi is a highly-trained boxing coach as well as being a gym and personal trainer.

He trains the serious boxers and kick boxers and has helped create a number of champions.

But, he is just as good with children and the ladies in his morning club as he is with his boxers. His motivational classes have seen many people achieving their weight-loss goals, with losses up to 35kg.

Although, be warned, Santi’s classes are not for the faint-hearted.

There’s no let up and he will push you to your limits to get the best results.





Vivienne first met Sara in 2012 in one of Santi’s Boxercise classes when the old gym was owned by others.

When they met up again in 2013 and they trained regularly together in Santi’s 7am grueling classes and formed a mutual bond.

So, when the decision was made to purchase the gym Sara was the ideal choice to become Vivienne’s personal assistant, translator and receptionist.
Vivienne, Michael and Santi had to become jacks of all trades all sharing the cleaning and tidying tasks, whilst Michael was constantly fixing everything they had inherited from the previous owners that was falling apart.

Sara’s energy and passion has been inspirational to others but she also has developed firm management and client skills, which are essential to keep matters organised on a day to day basis. She also has the most infectious smile in the world.

Sara worked as a fitness teacher in the UK and has renewed her qualifications in Spain.

She can now be found every day in the gym helping people to get the most out of their workout sessions and in classes Cardio & Toni, Spin, Tabata and Zumba.


Is a Level 5 Personal Trainer EREPS, he has been qualified 19 years in the business.

He ended up in Rehab due to a severe football injury whilst serving in the military. Left the military and retrained with Premier Global and worked within numerous UK Fitness Companies from a personal trainer to duty and deputy manager as well as gaining qualifications from the Wright Foundation in GP Referral.  He worked along side the Primary Health Care Trust in the UK, the latest being Total Fitness where he was Head Rehabilitation Coach and well as a Spin/Indoor Cycling coordinator and staff trainer for before moving to Spain.

He now teaches rehabilitation in Quesada Fitness Gym because of the people he met that helped him overcome his injury which lead him onto his future profession.  He bases his training around knowledge he has been taught and been accredited to which can be TRX to Stretch to running your local Spartan and Inviticus races.

Jason currently teaches TRX, Pump, Quesada 49rs, Spin, Stretch, Boxercise, Junior Fitness and Aqua in the summer months.

Look out for his greenhandspain website as he writes weekly blogs.



Jodi moved to the Costa Blanca in 2014, following an horrific injury to her leg and prolonged stays in hospital with recurring infections. Jodi joined the little old gym at the end of that year, not only to take up an exercise programme but also to learn to box which she mastered with opponents of her own and the opposite sex in a very short period. Her progress and determination proved her as a winner in numerous ways and Vivienne observed her progress as a real role model to future gym beginners.

Vivienne said ” I didn’t have any opportunities within the gym with regards to instructors but Jodi had also worked with her father in the cleaning industry so she became the official cleaner. However I recognised her potential and ability to go much further, so Jodi was enrolled for a personal training course at Level 2, which she passed with flying colours and added a Kettlebells qualification to her resume”

Jodi has now continued her studies at Level 3 stage and Exercise referral in addition, of course, to her being our music maestro, juice and coffee maker and of course spreading even more happiness with her grin and cheeky impersonations. Long may her star shine.

We are also pleased of Jodi gaining the Pump FX certificate.



She is our Admin , Receptionist and Multi Media. 


Her popular and well-structured classes have developed from years of experience in the fitness industry.

Belinda stumbled into the industry by accident after being persuaded to go to an aerobics class to make up the numbers. She loved it and knew she’d found what she wanted to do in life.

After training, Belinda’s classes became so popular in the UK that she was regularly teaching aerobics to classes of more than 200 people.

Belinda is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Aromatherapist and Reiki Master, she is able to do sessions in our Health and Wellbeing Clinic, please book appointments at reception or with Belinda.

Belinda teaches various classes including Pilates, Simply Dumbells, Body Tone and Legs, Bums Tums.


Lee says if anyone had told her she would be teaching Zumba classes ten years ago, she would have laughed. But after attending classes herself, and getting completely hooked on this energetic dance-style exercise, she trained to become a teacher and has not looked back since.

Lee teaches Zumba, Zumba Gold and Seated Zumba.