Inheritance Tax Legislation Changes

Proposed Changes in Spanish Inheritance Tax Legislation


I have been asked by a significant number of people what I know about Spanish Inheritance Tax. Straight answer : Not a lot, even though Inheritance Tax Planning and Probate Application was one of my specialities in the UK.


I am aware that local free paper information is often generic and may not be appropriate to your individual circumstances. It is also difficult to ascertain what specialist legal services a solicitor is offering and what their qualifications are, to enable them to recommend accurate and correct advice.


Sansano and Asociados have been our representatives for the last 2 years and have guided us through all the licencing, employment, company registration, accountancy, company and personal tax requirements including Wills and Inheritance Tax planning, which they are fully qualified to do. We have been extremely happy with their advices, which have been sensible and equally importantly, understandable. They have recently opened offices in Ciudad Quesada High Street, just down from the Farmacia, in the old QSD office as a Centre of Legal Excellence for Solicitors and Barristers for all nationalities.


We approached them to ask if they can run seminars over the coming months to explain the proposed changes in Inheritance Tax due in September, and how individuals should continue to keep abreast of changes in legislation for all legal matters which may affect us both now and in the future. They have kindly agreed.


There will be no cost to members but places will be limited to 40 per session. Individual queries will not be answered in a public forum, but private follow on appointments can be arranged in their offices, if you require personal assistance on this or any other legal matter.


Please register your interest to attend a seminar at your earliest convenience, so we can arrange suitable dates during May and June.