Vivienne had her own company, Vivienne Shepherd Ltd in the UK and was highly qualified as an FCA authorised IFA for over 25 years.

The equity markets may have performed very well before the 2009 credit crunch, so when we moved our funds from the UK,  I wanted security first.
I selected this straightforward fixed interest fund in 2014 and after receipt of 3 consistent annual statements, the returns are as stated with no hidden charges.

Vivienne was approached to be a certified distributor for this investment some time ago but wished to see consistent proof of performance first.
With bank interest rates not expected to rise and the general political and financial worldwide arena so uncertain, this opportunity is my first choice
for lump sum or pension selection due to the capital return and income guaranteed throughout the term.

This investment is suitable for anyone who does not need access to their capital for 5 years.
Income can be taken monthly quarterly, bi annually or annually, or if income is not required, just capital growth a higher rate can be achieved upon application.

If you wish to arrange an appointment please email me on .