Whether you are a regular gym user or just enjoy an occasional class, we will have a membership to suit your needs.  And, we do not tie you to contracts, you only pay for what you want to use – perfect if you are only a visitor to the area.  If you are not sure which membership is best for you, pop in and have a chat with our team.  We are here to help!

Gym & Studio
Gym only€35 per 4 weeks
Gym day pass€8
Gym and up to eight classes a week €25. Additional classes €3
Individual classes€6
Ten class pass with two free extra classes€55. Valid for six months. Can be used for gym or classes
SaunaFree for gym users. €10 if only using sauna
Body analysis to monitor progress€6
Boxing & Kickboxing
Junior boxing, single session€5
Junior boxing, one month€35
Gym, adult boxing and kickboxing€50 per month
Over 65s10%
Twelve plus weeks gym membership10%
Four plus family membership10%
No double or treble discounts

Individual personal training / Personalised Exercise Plans

Please consult with one of our qualified instructors (Santi, Jason, Sara and Jodi).
Meet with one of our instructors to discuss your specific exercise goals, any health issues and fitness history. The instructor will then put together a personalised exercise plan for you, which may include nutrition. At a second meeting, the instructor will explain the plan and take you through the exercises. After that, you will continue to work on the plan independently.

Prices will depend on requirements. 25 euros adult per hour.


Take a tour of the gym with one of our instructors who will teach you how all the equipment works. You will get a chance to ask the instructor how best to achieve your specific fitness goals. 10 euros.

Joining fee. We charge a one-off joining fee of €6. This enables us to register you and provide a membership card. This is obligatory for Health and Safety as it enables  us to monitor when all visitors enter and leave the building.