Personal training and inductions

We always have qualified fitness instructors in the gym to answer any questions, but if you want more help or motivation you can book an induction or personal training session.

Gym induction – €10 with Santi, Jason, Jose, Sara, Jodi or Mik

You will be given a  tour of the gym equipment and be shown how it all works. You will get a chance to ask the instructor how best to achieve your specific goals.

Personal training – from €20 per hour with Santi, Jason, Jose, Sara

If you really want to get the most out of your training you can book sessions with a personal trainer.  As well as devising the best programme for you, your personal trainer will be by your side motivating you every step of the way.
You will meet with one of the personal trainers and discuss your fitness goals, fitness history and any medical conditions. The trainer will then put together a personalised exercise plan for you.

You will have a second meeting with the trainer so the plan can be explained and you can learn the exercises.

After that, you will work to the plan on your own. Plans may include nutrition as well as exercise.