I have been in the business for at least 20 year now and helped a lot of people along the way as a Personal Trainer, EQF L6 – Advanced Health and Exercise Specialist it is my job to help and guide you through your fitness journey.

This would typically combined health and wellness, nutrition advice to fitness conditioning specific to you as an individual.

Whilst in the Army I ended up in medical Rehab due to a severe football injury, which led me to my job now.

So, I left the forces and retrained with Premier Global and worked within numerous UK Fitness Companies from a personal trainer to duty and deputy manager as well as gaining qualifications from the Wright Foundation in GP Referral. I worked alongside the Primary Health Care Trust in the UK, the latest being Total Fitness where I was Head Rehabilitation Coach and as well as a Spin/Indoor Cycling coordinator and staff trainer before moving to Spain.

I now teach fitness and lifestyle awareness to all.

I work at Quesada Fitness Gym and all I can say is its awesome because of the people I meet every day.

My values in training are simple, I am here to help guide you and motivate you to get to a better place, a helping hand of fitness.

My training is based around the education and training have I accumulated over 20 years in the business been accredited to which can be TRX to Stretch, running your local Spartan and Invictus races.

I am a strong believer in practise what you preach, so I am in the gym daily, or running somewhere or even in the pool with my aqua dumbbells.

I teach many forms of fitness classes, from the much anticipated HIIT class metafit to trx, spin and aqua fitness as well as weight and sports conditioning.

I have written articles for Norwegian fitness magazines and local papers, held numerous charity fitness events, and now write fitness blogs.


Photos and Videos of Jason