I have a degree in physiotherapy, I started my career in 1986 at UDELAR (University of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay) until 1990.

I immediately started working at CAFU (the sports medical centre of the Centennial stadium) specializing in sports rehabilitation. Simultaneously I worked at ALEMU (Multiple Sclerosis Association) carrying out the rehabilitation of the clients at their homes.

I honorary worked at APRI (Association for the Recovery of the Invalid) performing neurological rehabilitation, amputees, trauma and wheelchair basketball.

I have collaborated with Anepa (national group of private entities for the social welfare of the elderly) as an assistant and on some occasions a speaker at their annual conferences.

In 1994 I started working in the most recognized mutual society in Montevideo, the First Mutual Aid Association, working in all areas of physiotherapy from ICU and adult intermediate care and pediatrics, in burns, general physiotherapy in the plant, in polyclinics and at home,

Until 1996, I specialized in trauma, neurosurgical and elderly rehabilitation.

In 1998 I also started working with the Casa de Galicia mutual organization, working in a polyclinic and at home.

Both in Spanish and in Casa de Galicia, I had continuous training.

The work of the two mutuals was carried out simultaneously until I came to Spain.

A change began in my life from 2006 I dedicated myself to studying and deepening my knowledge in manual therapies. From the lymphatic drainage widely used when I worked in the hospital, Ayurveda, reflexology, different massage techniques, until I did the fascia release course. This was the beginning of my fascination with fascia, which led me to study Osteopathy.

Today as an Osteopath, I dedicate myself to this world so fascinating which it makes me want to know more and continue studying and training.

I am honored of being part of this great team at Quesada fitness gym and with an excellent professional chiromassage and instructor from Tai chi Maribel Gómez, co-worker and friend.