Culture Club

The first of a monthly meeting was held at Quesada Fitness Gym on 8th January 2019.

Iain Alexander, an international artist, was the first guest speaker for several local art groups, teachers and those with just an interest. He gave great advice about working together and learning from each other’s skills and inspiring each other.

The artist’s Mum Vivienne Shepherd, who owns the gym, suggested that the groups could hold regular meetings and arrange rotational exhibitions for the public to view with different category themes bi-monthly. Original art works from the local communities will be available for purchase to and we can also help liaise for anyone wanting special commissions. The art groups are immediately forming a committee to go forward and are looking to start a weekly group which is great for the region, and which ties in with gym’s motto, “We are More than just a Gym: we are a community.”

If anyone has any special skills, crafts, talents or cultural knowledge and would like to hold a talk at future monthly meetings, then please email with a resume.