Benefits of massage


Massage is not only good for treating sore muscles and injuries, it can also improve many aspects of health –  both mental and physical. Here we take a look at some of the things massage can do for you.



Stress is part of the body’s fight or flight mechanism and is designed to protect us from danger. The problem is stress can get out of control. When we get too stressed, too often, our health can be damaged. Stress can raise blood pressure and increase the risk of serious illness, including heart disease and cancer. It is also bad for our mental health. Massage therapy has been shown to alleviate stress – actually reducing cortisol levels, which are elevated by stress.


OK, so we are not claiming that massage can make you younger, but it can help make you look a little more youthful. Massaging the face regularly increases blood flow and can minimise fine lines and wrinkles and restore a little youthful plumpness to skin.


tirednessBanish tiredness

We all know massage relaxes us, but did you know it can revive you, too? The stimulating effects of a good massage can actually energise you both physically and mentally. You should be left with a calm energy and find that you sleep better, so the reviving effects of a good massage can last a few days.


pain-reliefPain relief

Aches, pains and tension headaches can all be helped by massage. Massage relieves pain both by relaxing the muscles and also by releasing endorphin, the body’s own painkiller.



cold-and-flu-reliefBoost the immune system

If you catch every cold and flu bug that is doing the rounds, a good massage could help. Studies have shown that regular massage increases white blood cells and strengthens the immune system.




wrist-painCombat carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an extremely painful condition caused by the swelling of the nerve that runs through the wrist. Pain can be severe and the condition debilitating. Massage has been shown to alleviate the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.


Cancer care

Massage is a useful tool for helping cancer patients; it reduces some of the side effects of treatment and gives a greater sense of well-being to people living with cancer.




Natural sleeping aid

If you suffer from insomnia, massage may be the key to a good night’s sleep. People who have regular massage generally find they get a much better night’s sleep.



Our massage therapists

We are lucky to have three excellent massage therapists offering their services in our massage rooms. Whether you are looking for a specialist sport’s massage, injury rehabilitation, pain relief, or just relaxation, our massage therapists – Maribel, Denisse and Jason – can help.