April 2021 – New Classes

New Classes are added to our April 2021 Timetable

Mondays – 17.00 – Gym Circuits with Geri

Different stations working the whole body with the weight machines and hand weights.

Tuesdays – 09.30 – MetaStretch with Jason

Stretch time: sadly, it´s often the activity we skip out on the most, whether it´s the cooldown after class, or all together.
Guilty? Yeah, us too. After an intense, sweat-inducing class, dripping out for a 5 mintue head start can be majorly
tempting !

While stretching may not be the most exciting activity on the menu when it comes to exercise, it´s actually one of the most important factors in reaching our fitness goals.

Increases your range of motion
Improves your performance in physical activities
Increases blood flow to your muscles
Improves your posture
Helps to heal and prevent back pain
Is great for stress relief
Can calm your mind

This class is for all levels


Wednesdays – 09.30 – Boxercise with Santi

Two classes of Boxercise a week.. Wednesdays and Thursdays


Wednesdays – 15.30 – Get Fit v2 with Jason

This class is gym based.
Every Wednesday we meet in the gym and train. It´s a class to learn new techniques. Comprising of functional cardio and lean weight training systems. We will show you how to effectively train to get results, how to train with new gym regulations i.e. covid.

At Quesada Fitness we believe everybody is an individual, so we train accordingly.

This class is for all levels.
Time to get in shape get results…. Get Fit



Thursdays – 12.00 – Get Golf Fit

For all you Golfers
Want to improve your game
Increase strength and power
More flexibility
Stronger cardio base

All levels welcome

Saturdays – 09.30 – WoD
Sundays – 10.30 – WoD


WOD – Stands for Workout of the Day

We have different trainers on Saturdays and Sundays on rotation, so each weekend is different and we advice mid week who the trainer is and what they are doing for the WoD class.