Fit & Funcional

Thursdays @ 18.30 

Streamline body shape by encouraging lean muscle growth in this high-energy full body workout alternating strength and cardio work for maximum efficiency. Exercises are based on functional movememnts like running, jumping, lifting and throwing.

We use everything from the kitchen sink to replicate every day movements patterns, but believe me you will not be washing the dishes after this class. We will be conditioning your muscles to work effectively and with strength in all places of motion, either by throwing balls, pulling yourself up on a trx, swinging a club or bat. Old school workouts are based on two places of motion front and back.

The Fit and Functional class will ensure you work in a tri-planal motion plane too, giving you a strong core and base for any movement pattern.

This class is every Thursday night, it will help you perform every day movements better and with ease, putting you at less risk of injury, especially if your goals are strength or athletic performance based.

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